Thursday, 21 March 2013

Something new from Bears By Laurie Brady .
My little Secret Keeper Bears, the smallestof my bears to-date are 5" tall.  These little bears have a special feature; they can keep a secret. Really! Their heads come off, to reveal a little compartment in their bodies. Notes, well wishes, souveniers, like babies first lock of hair or the first lost tooth can be stored inside these little bears. I keep my "bucket list" in one!



       Tom, with his little sail boat is available at;

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

My latest bears

Ranging from 9-10", these little bears are now available through Dream Bears Online Shop.

Monday, 5 November 2012

A huge gasp for air - I have finally surfaced!!

It's been a wild spring, summer and fall on the home front. With many new exciting and challenging changes to deal with, I have not had time for my teddy bears, but now, I'm back!

I have an exciting development with Teddy Bears of Witney to announce. I was asked to make 3 small editions consisting of 3 bears each. It was a different kind of challenge for me, as I have always made 1/1's, letting the bears tell me who they want to be as they progress. Here, I had to start out with an agenda and repeat it two more times! It was a rewarding experience which has resulted in my bears being featured in TBW's wonderful catalogue! - pretty exciting stuff for me.

I have also been preparing for my Teddy Bears on Vacation Show in Toronto. The show was a great success - I love meeting up with new and old vendor and collector friends. This show is like opening the doors to my Christmas season (Ok - I'll admit, I was humming Christmas tunes a week earlier :0)

I'm now finishing up an order for Dream Bears Online store (FB), based in Germany. Richard and I chatted about a new approach to limited edition. We've come up with the idea of creating an edition of 3 bears, but rather than making 3 bears the same, I'll be making 3 different bears with a common theme. I'm really excited about this project, which will include one of my new Secret Keeper bears. Stay tuned for up-coming announcements and pics.


10" Piccolo and 15" Oliver are just a few of my bears available at Teddy Bears Of Witney


Monday, 12 March 2012

Teddy Bear & Co Magazine article (March 2012 issue)

Following, is the translated version of the Teddy Bear & Co March 2012 article that Richard wrote about my bears. Enjoy!

Classics from Canada                      

Sometimes you think you’ve already seen everything in bears, but then you discover a new artist.  These bears had a certain something.   I’m talking about the bears of Laurie Brady. I found them on one of my online bear shopping tours. Before that, I had never heard of her and I wondered why?? She makes bears that I love so much.  All with a touch of the old days.  But how to find her?? OK, Facebook is there to find friends or new friends.  As luck would have it, Laurie had just begun to be active on Facebook.  And so we got in contact and very soon I found her homepage and Blog. Her blog is more up dated as her HP. I was so fascinated by her bears and by this very sweet artist.  Needless to say, some of her bears have found their way into my home. When you see her bears, you get the impression that they are really big bears, but one can hardly believe that they are roughly 20 – 32 cm high. Since our introduction, we have gotten to know each other and appreciate each other.  Laurie started making bears and animals in the early 80’s and at that time there was not the internet as we know it now.  You had to look far if you wanted to buy mohair and other materials.  Her first joints where made out of plastic discs she cut out of margarine containers. And going through her Dad’s tool box, she found cotter pins and washers. When she made her bigger bears, her Dad made hardboard discs. Many of her bears found homes with friends and family. Then university and jobs got in between and she made no bears.  When Laurie and her husband were expecting their first daughter, she wanted to make something special.  Her Sister had brought her a piece of Steiff mohair from Holland.  She made a bear and after that, she was back in bear making.  That was 11 years ago.  Laurie strives to make the classic bear that is been played with by small kids.  Often she uses old materials and when possible also old mohair’s. But we all know that is hard to find but she is lucky some times. Laurie’s bears are also aged some for the old look. They are all stuffed with wood wool and cotton. This gives the bears a special smell as well. All bears she makes are one-of bears.  She does make similar bears to the ones she made if asked to, but we know that one-of bears are not to be repeated. Otherwise you could make a limited edition. The collectors know what I mean by that. Not only does she make bears, but also bunny’s and a monkey or  two, all with the feeling of the old ones. Like every artist, Laurie is never satisfied with a look. She feels it can always be better.  The feedback she gets from her collectors and other artists is very important to her. Coming from a very creative family it’s no wonder that at about the age of 10, she bought some fabric and a pattern of a monkey. In total secrecy, she hand-sewed the monkey and gave it to her mother as a gift. He mother was so very proud of her little girl. It was not only that she made it but also made her own choice of fabrics and the surprise. I have seen her mother’s work.  Figures in Christmas settings made completely out of linen and they are really great.   Laurie not only makes bears, but she also knits, crochet, cross-stitch and loves spinning exotic fibers. To relax, Laurie has a beautiful horse named Juno. She loves to ride in the forest, especially in the winter, when she can hear the snow beneath the hoof. Laurie does some shows and the rest of her bears are sold though her Blog.

I hope I have introduced you to a new artist with the love of the old lost days.
Till next time BIG BEAR HUGS yours Richard

Thursday, 8 March 2012

It’s like Christmas in my sewing room!
I’ve recently acquired some more new and very exciting fabrics!! 
A few are fabrics I’ve used before, but had become unavailable .  But I found them again!! And they are amazing colours to boot !!  A lovely grey and a perfect Dolly red.  so you can guess what’s going to be at my Christmas show this November. (Ok, that's one secret let out of the bag).
The other fabric, a rare and wonderful piece of mohair came as  a  great surprise to me a gift from a dear friend.  I will create a surprise bear with this one.

I have also accumulated a nice little collection of vintage mohair fabric.  I'm  planning a collection of "Vintage Mohair Bears" this fall.

But first, I have a few  very special orders that I have to finish before I can jump into the new stash So until then, they sit in my shop continually tempting me...

Monday, 6 February 2012

Happy Valentino day

Valentino, My Valentine Bear (scrole down to album for pic)
Valentino is a very special boy, not only because he's a rare Boy Valenine bear, but he's also made from a wonderfully dense vintage mohair upholstery fabric in a deep, rich red that a dear friend sent to me.  Valentino's mohair is ever so gently distressed to give him a very old, worn-out bear look. His wool felt paw pads have a subtle hand-tinted patina and his vintage boot button eyes give him a great expression.  He is stuffed with excelsior, cotton and glass beads. Valentino's coat is reversible, but he looks great with out it too!

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Wonderful Fall and my new 8" bears.

I've been working hard, preparing for the Teddy Bears On Vacation show and still finding time to enjoy the bright, crisp Fall air. My heart sings in this season.  Not only am I excited about the time of year, but I found some wonderful new mohairs, alpacas and wools to work with.  I've also finished 2 new little 8" bears - a new design that I will be introducing at TBOV this November.  Here's a sneak peak ...