Monday, 5 November 2012

A huge gasp for air - I have finally surfaced!!

It's been a wild spring, summer and fall on the home front. With many new exciting and challenging changes to deal with, I have not had time for my teddy bears, but now, I'm back!

I have an exciting development with Teddy Bears of Witney to announce. I was asked to make 3 small editions consisting of 3 bears each. It was a different kind of challenge for me, as I have always made 1/1's, letting the bears tell me who they want to be as they progress. Here, I had to start out with an agenda and repeat it two more times! It was a rewarding experience which has resulted in my bears being featured in TBW's wonderful catalogue! - pretty exciting stuff for me.

I have also been preparing for my Teddy Bears on Vacation Show in Toronto. The show was a great success - I love meeting up with new and old vendor and collector friends. This show is like opening the doors to my Christmas season (Ok - I'll admit, I was humming Christmas tunes a week earlier :0)

I'm now finishing up an order for Dream Bears Online store (FB), based in Germany. Richard and I chatted about a new approach to limited edition. We've come up with the idea of creating an edition of 3 bears, but rather than making 3 bears the same, I'll be making 3 different bears with a common theme. I'm really excited about this project, which will include one of my new Secret Keeper bears. Stay tuned for up-coming announcements and pics.


10" Piccolo and 15" Oliver are just a few of my bears available at Teddy Bears Of Witney


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  1. hi, haven't hear you for long, great to know you would be busy around come up with different projects, have fun :)