Thursday, 8 March 2012

It’s like Christmas in my sewing room!
I’ve recently acquired some more new and very exciting fabrics!! 
A few are fabrics I’ve used before, but had become unavailable .  But I found them again!! And they are amazing colours to boot !!  A lovely grey and a perfect Dolly red.  so you can guess what’s going to be at my Christmas show this November. (Ok, that's one secret let out of the bag).
The other fabric, a rare and wonderful piece of mohair came as  a  great surprise to me a gift from a dear friend.  I will create a surprise bear with this one.

I have also accumulated a nice little collection of vintage mohair fabric.  I'm  planning a collection of "Vintage Mohair Bears" this fall.

But first, I have a few  very special orders that I have to finish before I can jump into the new stash So until then, they sit in my shop continually tempting me...

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