Monday, 6 February 2012

Happy Valentino day

Valentino, My Valentine Bear (scrole down to album for pic)
Valentino is a very special boy, not only because he's a rare Boy Valenine bear, but he's also made from a wonderfully dense vintage mohair upholstery fabric in a deep, rich red that a dear friend sent to me.  Valentino's mohair is ever so gently distressed to give him a very old, worn-out bear look. His wool felt paw pads have a subtle hand-tinted patina and his vintage boot button eyes give him a great expression.  He is stuffed with excelsior, cotton and glass beads. Valentino's coat is reversible, but he looks great with out it too!


  1. I love your fabric choice, beautiful! By the way, the outfit is special, it looks oriental, can you tell me where is it from?

  2. Thank you Susana,
    I made Valentino's jacket myself. The fabric (blue side) came from my Mother's stash of goodies. I don't know how or where she aquired it from.